Backgrounds available during creation

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Backgrounds available during creation

Post by JadeST on Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:44 pm

This is where a list of the Backgrounds that are allowed to be taken in this game will be listed.

A few Home Brew Backgrounds that have been created are

1. Preppers
(must have resources 3,4, 5 for preppers dot 2 and on. Call it family money)
Your family was already a prepper before the shit hit the fans. Now you thankfully have some things.

            a. 1 dot is doomsday bag- your bug out bag has 5-10 extra items more detailed items. Not just a basic bug out bag.

            b. 2 dots mean you had a survival tub filled with preppers things. A family of 6 could have survived for 5 years

            c. 3er dot. you have supply good for 10 sept members - for 5 years(buried or hidden around)

             d. 4th dot  you have 10 years supply for 25 sept members. (buried or hidden around)

2. Pass me downs  
        a. 1 dot is a simple thing such as like a single piece of jewelry, single piece of clothing (like moms specially made +1 soak jacket),

        b. 2dots would include one of the dot one things and a small bag or box of belongings, such as photos, letters, things like that that you would try       and keep with you in the case of trying to leave my house

        c. 3erd dot  is like a med size trunk of little family personal things and 2 +1, or +2 things for ic battle or such.

        d. 4th dot is like a large trunk (none of the items besides  2 things ok’ed by the ops (ie the reinforced jacket) could in help. these are just things people would try to keep passed down from family?

3.  Divine Intervention Background. For every dot, that is how many times you can avoid the damage of a fatal blow throughout the entire Chronicle. Example; Red Spirals deals 10 agg, You soak only 1, you should be dead, but due to your 1 dot in Divine Intervention, it deals only enough damage to put you at 1 before death.

4. Bomb Touched; For every dot of this background you add one dice to your claw and bite attacks in any form. However, you also increase all social rolls difficulty by one for each dot as well. The radiation from having lived so near the ground zero of one of the many nuclear explosion craters had made your teeth and claws permanently more lethal and bigger in all your forms. Your homid gains a claw and bite attacks, but you have a much harder time fitting in with everyone who isn't touched like you.


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