Read and Sign befor Play is approved IC

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Read and Sign befor Play is approved IC

Post by JadeST on Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:14 pm

This is where all the different rules of this Game will be posted. The After Gaia Staff asks that each of you read and sign this before you go Ic.

OOC Rules

1. Religion and politics are topics that should not be discussed, in the OOC room. If it is brought up the OP's may allow the talk to continue as long as it is kept civil. Once the OP's decided it has gone too far, they will shut it down. If it begins to become a problem, we will ban the subject altogether.

2. No ARGUING an OP's Call

3. No Back Talking.

4. NO Book Thumpers.  This is a heavily  homebrewed game with WWTA. We as Op's have gone through decided what to use and what not to use. You can kindly bring an idea to the OPs pm or help room but you can not make a huge deal about us not following the books. In the OOC room.

General Creation Rules
1. Rules for First, second, third characters and the NPCing of Kin. For Players.

      a. The First character must be of the new tribes,(must start as claith or fostern)

      b. second may be of old if you played for one month and started it as a fostern only if you have St permission. (with restrictions)

      c. three characters after three months may be a kin if you wish, but only of the new tribes.

1. If you wish to NPC a kin or cub you may but they are only filler chrs, no missions no XP. (this is so we can as many do, rp those who wish to play a kin or so just for mates ) If you wish other NPC’s know that they will be just that. A character to rp around the sept. No xp, No outrageous things these kin have. Any special Kin must be approved by the Ops. Before even NPCing those kin.

Dice Room Rules
The Dice room will be used for Dice rolls during the Game.
Only the OP's will be allowed to idle. If you are not in a mission and idle without permission an OP will have the right to kick you from the dice room. This is to keep everything fair for the other players.

1. NO ARGUING an OP's Call

2. No back talking

3. No reactions beyond a single comment.

Any other comments needed to an OP may go to the Help room or the OP's pm.
You may comment in The OOC room as long as it is not arguing over a call.

Player StoryLine Rules

1. You as a player who wishes to be a storyteller for the mission you would like to run will be called a JR DM.

2. You must have one of the Three Ops in the storyline when you are running it. JadeST, GraxST or SteveST.

3. The OP who is overseeing this mission will give out the renown and xp how they see fit.

4. If you have a wish to give out some items, gifts, or knowledge you must run it by the ops and have it approved by a 2/1 vote or 3/0 vote. If it is not approved on we will give you suggestions that may be better for this setting and game.

Thank you from all of the After Gaia Staff!


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