New Tribes

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New Tribes

Post by JadeST on Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:13 pm


The original tribes are now gone. What remains are all brand new. chosen by Gaia to repopulate and recreate that which was destroyed.
They will either survive, and succeed in doing so or they will die trying.

Only 700 shifters, gouro and kin survived the war of the Apocalypse. She made the seven tribes one from each of the seven Continents. This used much of Gaia's powers that she had left and is one reason that she is no longer seen or felt and only barely heard

1. Africa:
50 Silent Strider and 50 Bastet  were recreated into
The Silent Claw-  
Willpower 5
2. Antarctica:
50 Wendigo and  50 Polar bear Gurahl were recreated into
The Pale Titans –
Willpower 6
3. Asia:
50 Shadow Lord and 50 Corex, were recreated into
The Fangs of Prey-  
Willpower 4
4. Australia:
50 Silver Fang and 50 Mokole were recreated into
The Silver Bloods –
Willpower 3
5. Europe:
50 Get of Fenris and 50 Fianna were recreated into
The Stout of Fenris  -
Willpower 4
6. North America
50 Child of Gaia and 50 NuWisha were recreated into  
The NuWhelp –
Willpower 6

7. South America
50 Black Fury and 50 Bone Gnawer were recreated into
The Lone Furies –
Willpower 4


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