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Sample Log

Post by JadeST on Sat Aug 20, 2016 4:06 pm

This is what I would like every player to do for everything they earn IC

Open a topic with Your Chr's name
Titled (your characters name) Earned Log
Ie this is for a Storyline

Storyteller: JadeST     Storyline: CityOutting1   When this SL happened: Aug 20th 2016

What you did and  What this means for you, your sept, or your pack- the group learned how many in the city are under vampires control.

What you got. Renown, xp, items- I got 2 xp, 1 temp wisdom, and found a black dagger

I now have 2 temp wisdom and 15 xp as of Aug 20th 2016

Sample for weekly xp

I have earned 3 xp from my weekly xp

I now have 15 xp as of Aug 20th 2016

(everyone should start using this. So we can all make sure our xp and renown is kept logged)


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